Villas Las Palmas Tulum

Tulum, Mexico

Woods of Haltom

Haltom City, TX

The Monterrey Apartments

Fort Worth, TX

Townhouse Apartments

Ennis, TX

Woods of Ridgmar East

Fort Worth, TX

Woods of Ridgmar West

Fort Worth, TX


NSpire Assets, L.L.C. purchases properties with capital from private investors (on a deal by deal basis.) Individual investments typically range from $100,000 to multiple hundreds of thousands. These are long term investments, with a typical hold period of 5 to 10 years. In the past, NSpire Assets has been able to provide a strong annual cash on cash return (as published). While this is no guaranty of success in future projects, potential investors have found this attractive.

Nspire Assets, L.L.C.'s companies offer Units for investment typically through private placements formulated under federal U.S. and Texas law exemptions from securities registration. The Units are therefore transfer restricted securities and must be purchased and held for investment, not resale. No information provided in this website is intended as securities advertising or solicitation. Further information can only be obtained by contacting the company directly.


We intend to structure our properties as single asset LLCs, with NSpire Assets acting as the Manager. Our typical investment structure includes a preferred return, which is paid to our investors out of cash flow before NSpire participates in any of the distributions. Distributions in excess of the preferred return are split between the investors and NSpire on an agreed upon schedule.

Lifetime Portfolio

7 Properties
971 units
Value >$75M



June 2017 - NSpire sells Townhouse Apartments in Ennis.

December 2016 - NSpire sells Woods of Ridgmar in Fort Worth.

October 2015 - NSpire sells Woods of Haltom in Haltom City.

February 2015 - NSpire sells Villa Gardens in Farmers Branch.

November 2014 - NSpire sells Travis Gardens in Fort Worth.

October 2014 - NSpire sells Monterrey Apartments in Fort Worth.

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