The Woods of Haltom

We have been investors with Nicole from day one. We have invested in all of NSpire's assets, beginning with Travis Gardens, then to Villa Gardens and The Woods of Haltom. Throughout the way, Nicole has provided complete transparency, consistently strong returns, and even won the National Apartment Association "Owner of the Year" award in 2008. We have the highest confidence in NSpire and will continue to invest with this team.

Mitesh P.

Working with Doug, Nicole, and Ron has been profitable, educational and very professional. I'd recommend them to anyone who is interested in divesting their investment portfolio in to multi-family real estate.!

Dan R.

It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to be involved in a multi family investment with Nicole, Ron and Doug.
They are very detailed when presenting property overviews, while being transparent at the same time. They are diligent in their preparation and homework and you know exactly what to expect before becoming involved in an investment with them. Also, their communication before, during and after the acquisition is exceptional.
They are professional in their approach and proactive in delivering the results they promise. They have exceeded what they committed to, and we look forward to the next opportunity to invest with them. Should you have the fortune to be involved in an investment with them it is our firm belief that you will not find a better, more trustworthy team of professionals to be involved with.

Kevin and Ladonna H.

Country Day

Just as we were preparing to close, we received an offer to buy us out from the neighboring school! Even though the investors had yet to invest capital into the deal, Nicole shared the proceeds with the investors (nearly a 9% return on money that would have been invested.) This was technically an infinite return, and cemented into my mind Nicole's very high level of professional.

Doug Wilson

(now partner in NSpire Assets)

Travis Gardens

I have been an investor with Nicole since the beginning of her pursuit of multifamily investments. Her professional approach to investing in and managing multifamily properties is exceptional. She is always looking for ways to improve things so that there can be a win/win for everybody involved. I look forward to seeing what is up next for our investment portfolios.

Tom S.

"Say what you do, do what you say" is every passive investors Nirvana when dealing with a lead partner. In Nicole's case, I have received just that, she fully understands and follows a gainful-responsible enterprising code that made Travis gardens a success story in only 14 months; remind you - [in 2009-10] during one of the toughest years on record for commercial real estate.
Nicole's contributions/success go beyond the financial return and are rooted on a deep HUMAN concern to make the life of tenants and the surrounding community, better. With Nicole's management I have also witnessed how a distressed property can be managed/uplifted to be one of the anchor points sparking area revival and providing its tenants dignity and sense of pride of where they live.
I'm looking forward to Nicole's next endeavor and have learned a great deal from her wisdom , management style, operating the property and keeping fellow investors satisfied with real results!

Al T.

Based on our experience. There are three main reasons we encourage others to do business with NSpire Assets.

  1. Knowledge: Nicole and Ron know and understand the real estate business and all its complexities. Additionally, they identify, train, and manage staff well.
  2. Results: When many multifamily deals were on the edge of going under, NSpire Assets gave generous returns and still does today.
  3. Investors: As an investor, we have the greatest respect for Nicole's personal passion, commitment and open communication about the project. She treats tenants, staff, and investors with respect. She is totally transparent and has amazing ethics.

We feel fortunate to do business with Nicole because of her talent and integrity.

Jerry and Nan A.

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